One Night in June is definitely a strange name for a company that makes bed heads and cushions. I’ll admit that. But it’s the first line of a song that my grandmother used to sing to my mother, and my mother used to sing to my sister and me. “One night in June a big baboon fell in love with a dusty maid…” And both of my boys were born in June. So it has some meaning to me and is a bit more fun than Bed Heads by Erika Hellstrom. My husband thinks it sounds a bit racey and reminds me that if our kids were born in June then it must have been one night in…

In any case, One Night in June is a small business that I started out of my house in Northcote, Victoria in early 2010. It all began when I made a bed head for our bedroom out of a vintage fabric that I fell in love with. And then I made one for the spare room, one for a beach house, one for my friend Sarah, one for Nicola, etc. etc. I found that there is definitely a need for bedroom “furniture” that is unique and beautiful yet inexpensive compared to other furniture options.

These custom-made upholstered bed heads are free standing so all you need is a mattress and base that pushes up against the bed head to keep it in place. I love to work with each client to find wonderful fabrics that suit their tastes and existing bedding and decor. My bed heads are a really economical way to make your bedroom look more sophisticated and complete without having to spend tons of money on a fancy bed.

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